Every bride dreams of a hairstyle that defines who she is, that makes her look beautiful the way she imagined, and that gives her a heavenly sense of satisfaction as she looks in the mirror and realizes she will soon walk down the aisle, looking like she did in her dreams.


Ego Hair Studio makes this dream possible for brides. Our hair salon has a variety of hairstyles and hairstylists that can perform successfully and passionately what the bride desires. The bridal package offered at our studio is fantastic and benefits not only the bride but also, her entire bridal party. Bridal trials are 20% off. The bride can come in during the week and try her dream hairstyle with a 20% discount.


The bride can arrive on her special day with her bridal party that consists of 8 or more bridesmaids to get their lovely hair done with a very special offer. If the bridesmaids get their hair done at our hair salon then the bride gets her dream hairstyle for free! Yes, for free! Imagine not only looking beautiful and angelic, but also for free!


Our hair salon makes this day memorable and shares in the joy of the bride and her bridal party with champagne and strawberries. Our bridal package is fantastic and it is just for you! 

On your wedding day you should look

like yourself at your most beautiful.

- Bobbi Brown