We offer a variety of high quality products at Ego Hair Studio that benefit your hair. As brand products we use Joico, Bed Head, Bain de Terre, Rusk, Kms, Redken, Nioxin, American crew. For the Color line we use Rusk, Prevana, Joico, and Sparks. 


Pastel colors are the trend in our society ladies. Our hair salon offers a numerous variety of pastel colors that leave you with a beautiful creative and trendy hair color.


Our hair salon offers the best pastel hair colors for every skin tone. We offer colors from pastel grapefruit, pastel pink, to metallic toned, and silver gray. This pastel color hair trend is here to stay!! It is a trend that will not leave us.


Pastel hair colors not only serve its wonderful purpose in the spring and summer, but its variety of colors serves in the fall and winter too. This trend works for all the seasons, and the pastel hair colors work for you!  


Our Brazilian Blowout is a very effective hair-straightening treatment that treats hair with a base of Keratin. Keratin is a liquid formula that unites the hair and creates a layer that protects each individual strand of hair.


This treatment gets rid of frizzled, crinkly, nappy, and crimpled hair and turns it glossy, luxuriant, smooth, and straight. This treatment works for every type of hair. Yes, every type and any type of hair! Styling your hair and managing it can be hard and tiring at times. This treatment that is offered at our hair salon is beneficial for women. It makes controlling hair easier, and it leaves your hair looking healthy and beautiful.


The Brazilian Blowout originated in Brazil. It uses special natural ingredients such as annatto seeds; a seed derived from an achiote tree native to Mexico and Brazil, the acai berry; a berry found in the amazon, and camu camu; an additional berry found in the trees of the amazon.


Ego Hair Studio offers the effective and amazing Brazilian Blowout.