Our hair stylists are very professional. They are very friendly and always seek to satisfy the costumer. We are a drama-free work place where we do not allow competition amongst workers, personal problems, and other negative attitudes to be involved in the work environment.


The hair stylists specialize and are trained to perform areas of hair styling that they are perfected in. When someone is hired to work at Ego Hair Studio, we make sure that the hairstylist is professional, trained, friendly, and has a passion for the area in hairstyling they specialize in.


Many of our stylists have had experience in the hair industry for 15+ years. Our staff is very professional, has much experience, and serves the costumers with glee and confidence. 

I travel 2 hours away to come to this salon.

 Color, cut everything ... is the best and

I am a fussy person ... gets it perfect every time.

- Anne Marie / Facebook


Our experience at this hair salon, Ego Hair Studio, has been plentiful and beneficial for all our stylists and our costumers. We have many stylists who have had experience working at hair salons for over 15 years. We have achieved our goal of making our costumers happy repeatedly everyday. Our experience varies from different types of hair, different textures of hair, differing hairstyles, and hair colors, and hair cuts. We have had a great journey discovering new hair techniques and meeting new costumers with different tastes, styles, and ideas.